Nichola Motley


Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator

Nichola Motley



Nichola Motley 

Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator based in Dorset

We welcome Nichola to Breath South West 

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I became a certified Transformational Breath facilitator in July 2013, having trained over two years in some fabulous places with some amazing people. 

I love living Bridport, which is a vibrant, friendly little town. Since I’ve been here I’ve discovered the spiritual teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Gangaji and they have had a profound impact on me. Job-wise I have run various community projects: working with children, writing and promoting local food. I also trained as a massage therapist. But I was aware that something new was on my horizon and after a couple of breath sessions, it became abundantly clear that it was Transformational Breath training

Breath work has opened new worlds to me! Now often, as soon as I tune in to my breath, I feel things start to change. Outwardly, since discovering Transformational Breath 3 years ago, I have more joy and vitality, I am healthier, much calmer, softer and more loving.  I am more able to choose to feel good and to live the life I want and to top it off – people keep telling me I look younger!

Over the years I have benefitted from many different therapies and practices in my desire to experience deep wellbeing. I love Transformational Breath for many reasons. One it that it is so empowering  – the breath underpins everything we do, so becoming aware of our breathing gives us a tool to work with at every waking moment.  Also during a Transformational Breath session the thinking mind is bypassed so the client’s body wisdom can communicate itself to the facilitator and allow for integration of painful past experiences. Also I find Transformational Breath the most loving and nurturing therapy I’ve ever encountered.

I feel privileged to be facilitating others in this journey. 

“My first breath session was an amazing experience and I found windows opening in my mind straightaway. I could not have imagined how these sessions could change my feelings, my thoughts and change my life.

Hussah, Exeter


 “During this wonderful practice I felt the deep connection to my true self and found it so moving. By the end of the session I felt energy flowing freely and easily, so spacious and alive within! Thank you Nichola for your loving guidance.”

Denise, Bridport

I work in Bridport, Dorset. on a 1/1 basis.  Sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours




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