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Breath South West aims to allow as many people as possible to attend a workshop or experience our work at an introductory talk.

Breathing across the South West

Breathing across the South West

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Here is an explanation of the ways in which you can experience Transformational Breath.

An Introductory Talk and Demonstration

Usually a minimum of 1 hour to a larger group of people seated in chairs. This includes a talk about the technique, a breath analysis demonstration and an opportunity to try out Transformational Breathing.


Usually a group of people gathered for 1, 3, or 6 hours to experience full breath sessions. Whole day workshops allow for two sessions. We always include a short introduction to the technique for newcomers which can also be a helpful reminder for who have been before.

Happy breathers after a workshop in Bristol


One to One sessions

One to One sessions can be arranged directly with Les Elms or Denise Perrin.

Group Sessions

These can be arranged for a group of you and your friends, whether you’re 6 – 10 people, or a larger group of 20+.  We will arrange the appropriate number of facilitators.  Please contact us to arrange a group session.

Where we work

More workshops and events are planned in Exeter, Totnes, Chippenham and Frome. Please email Les or Denise if you would like more details.

If you cannot see a location to suit you, please contact us. If you are able to gather a group of people together and have a suitable space we can use, we would love to arrange short workshop or talk in your area. We need to cover our costs so call us to discuss the numbers and expenses.



Breath Thought for the day

80% of our body's toxins are released through our respiratory system. So how come we choose to hold onto our toxins?

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