“I read about Transformational Breathing in an article and was eager to try it for myself. I didn’t quite know what to expect when beginning the workshop but Les and Denise were incredibly warm and welcoming. They both have many years of training and practice and I felt very safe in their expert hands. They were open and honest about the positive effects of the breath work in their own lives, and through personal difficulties, which meant they could teach from experience as well as theory. For me, this added great depth to their teaching. 
I found the breathing techniques amazing! I felt tingling in my arms and often my ears would ring as a sign of the energy moving within my body. I also, at times, felt emotion rise to the surface which was a profound experience. Throughout the whole process Les and Denise supported and encouraged me. They both used body work in addition to the breathing which enhanced the process. I would recommend this to anybody wanting to find ways of becoming more in touch with your body and feelings. I have nothing but praise for Denise and Les who were so loving, supportive and knowledgeable and I trust them both completely to guide me through my work with Transformational Breathing.”

Emily, Bath


“I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than some breathing exercises, so was a little apprehensive.  The workshop was well structured and I was made to feel very much at ease.  Les was always reassuring and he ensured that we had assistance as required.  It was a very pleasant experience and I booked on to the next available workshop as soon as possible!”
Wendy, Exmouth



“I had a series of one to one sessions with Les over the last 2 years. The breathing sessions helped to shift energy and appears to have cleared emotional blockages that I had been carrying around for many years. I felt a noticeable shift in my energy after each session. Les is skilled in creating the right conditions to allow this to happen naturally by following the breath. There’s no need to talk deeply about the past, or to analyse and fix anything, there is an innate intelligence at work facilitated by this breath work. I always felt safe, unjudged and supported by Les. 

I now feel light and free. I am liberated from the issues, problems and stories of the past that were holding me back in life”

John, Exeter

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