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Transformational Breath® Saved My Life

I encountered Transformational Breath® seven years ago when on a yoga retreat in Lanzarote. It became a vital means of dealing with the highly pressurised and stressful life as a TV documentary editor. It was also instrumental in releasing the trauma of three life threatening episodes which had resulted in a chronic, debilitating thyroid condition.

“My life had become a daily ordeal of struggling to cope with zero energy whilst everyone around me demanded my full attention, my 100% commitment to their project and expected me to solve all their problems. I just wanted to hide away and sleep. Nobody knew that my weekends were spent hardly being able to get out of bed with exhaustion. I felt I have used up all of my life’s energy and my body was slowly shutting down. Something had to give.”

I am passionate about Transformational Breath® because it saved my life. It released the traumas that were holding my body prisoner and allowed me to realise that rather than being controlled by a medical condition, I now had a simple means to boost my energy, alleviate many of the symptoms I was enduring and reclaim my life.

When I returned from Lanzarote in 2004 having had my mind and body blown away by my first Transformational Breath® experience, I discovered there were just two Facilitators working in the UK. I knew that needed to change, that more people should have access to this life changing therapy. I enrolled in the training courses and fully embraced Transformational Breath® in my life but I was still a fulltime TV editor.

“In 2009 an opportunity arose to develop a community project in the Chew Valley and I gladly took a sabbatical from editing to concentrate on that and also complete my professional training as a Transformational Breath® Facilitator. It was time to give something back.”

Unfortunately my best laid plans were interrupted by an unexpected diagnosis of Breast Cancer following a routine scan. I chose to believe that my invasive cancer was the ultimate detox that my body had been yearning for. The operation to literally cut out the cancer in my life was a necessary kick up the ass to get on with my life and accept what needed to be done. Saying yes to a mastectomy was one thing, coping with what lay ahead was another.

“The day of my Cancer diagnosis I breathed for an hour before I called my family and friends. I breathed for an hour twice a day throughout my surgery, recovery, chemotherapy and many medical complications. Transformational Breath® was my lifeline every time I thought I was drowning and the natural medicine that my body craved.”

Cancer is an anaerobic disease. Anaerobic disease cannot prosper in a highly oxygenated environment. These facts fuelled my desire to allow my body to heal itself with the help of my breath. The chemical warfare of chemotherapy is horrible but not as devastating as I was led to believe. I agreed to the treatment knowing that I had the ultimate de-toxing weapon. Transformational Breath®. 80% of our bodily toxins are released through the respiratory system. An effective respiratory system allows the body to release what it doesn’t need. So I breathed and breathed. Ok, I still lost my hair and my urine smelt like a chemical factory but I was fighting back and learning so much about myself.

“Breath South West and the opportunity to work alongside one of the most gifted breath therapist in the UK, Les Elms, is a dream come true. We both have a passion to share Transformational Breath® and workshops are an excellent way for people to experience the magic of this incredible teachique.”

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